Instructor fired for refusing to sign a loyalty oath

The Los Angeles Times reports that Wendy Gonaver, an American Studies instructor at Cal State Fullerton and a Quaker, was fired from her job for refusing to sign a loyalty oath. She was willing to sign it with an attached statement qualifying her willingness to “defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” through non-violent means only, but her request was denied. As a pacifist, she felt she couldn’t sign, and she was fired. This is a problem that Quakers and Jehovah’s Witnesses often face, apparently. Definitely seems that something ought to be changed here. In Gonaver’s case, her dismissal is ironic, because she has a passion for teaching about our constitutional rights…

3 comments on “Instructor fired for refusing to sign a loyalty oath

  1. In the debates surrounding the adoption of the *2nd Amendment*, Madison clearly indicated that no one with religious objections would be compelled to serve in the militia under arms.

    I hope she is able to sue on 1st Amendment grounds (Free exercise of religion being curtailed) and get this state law declared unconstitutional.

    All such loyalty oaths are as anachronistic as they are un-American.

    Interestingly, for my current library job, I had to provide proof that, as an adult male, I am registered with selective service. I did so, but it was a little strange.

  2. An oath – are you kidding me! That is a joke. I think also non-compete agreements are bad as well. People need to earn a living in their field if they lose or leave their job.

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