Litwin Books, LLC

I have a business related change to announce.

As possibilities have started to emerge to publish books outside of the originally-defined editorial scope of Library Juice Press, I’ve begun to feel the need for another name. So, I have changed the name of the company from Library Juice Press to Litwin Books. Library Juice Press will continue as an imprint of Litwin Books. On the Library Juice Press imprint I will continue to publish books about librarianship from a critical perspective, for professionals and students. The focus on libraries and the critical edge seem to be the essential things about the Library Juice Press imprint. The books that are a bit outside of the LIS field, which will mostly be scholarly books but not limited to that, will be under Litwin Books. Two forthcoming books are not going to be on the Library Juice Press imprint, even though they have to do with libraries: Restoring Order: The Ecole des Chartes and the Organization of Archives and Libraries in France, 1820-1870 and Eugene Morel: pioneer of public libraries in France. While both have to do with libraries, both are also of potential interest to people outside of librarianship who are studying French history. In a few days I will be advertising a third book not on the Library Juice Press imprint, a study of the Library of Congress by anthropologist Samuel Collins; again with an audience outside librarianship. Three works in progress will also be coming from Litwin Books down the road, one having to do with French history and copyright, and the other two having to do with media criticism and history. (I did not plan to do so many books having to do with history, but it seems to be working out that way.)

Happy New Year to everybody….

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