Category: September 2009

Strike at University of Western Ontario Libraries

Press release: London, ON Unionized librarians and archivists at the University of Western Ontario have voted overwhelmingly to support strike action to back their bargaining goals of fair evaluations, job security and equitable salaries and benefits. A total of 88% of UWOFA-LA members voted in favour of authorizing their union to call a strike. The … Read more Strike at University of Western Ontario Libraries

Free speech in the workplace

Just want to alert you to this article by John Buschman in Academe, the magazine of the AAUP (American Association of University Professors): “Who Defends Intellectual Freedom for Librarians? The ALA should defend librarians as the AAUP defends faculty members.”

“Verbiage,” “Intuitiveness,” respect for language, respect for users

“Verbiage” is a derisive word describing prose that uses many words to say not a lot, or more particularly, prose that uses words carelessly, to create impressions without attending to what the words actually mean in a specific sense. For techies, “verbiage” is stuff that English majors add later for the benefit of end users, … Read more “Verbiage,” “Intuitiveness,” respect for language, respect for users

Four books coming soon

These four books are in progress and coming along quickly: The Stories I Read to the Children: The Life and Writing of Pura Belpré, the Legendary Storyteller, Children’s Author, and New York Public Librarian, edited by Lisa Sánchez González. The Politics of Professionalism: A Retro-Progressive Proposal for Librarianship, by Juris Dilevko Critical Library Instruction: Theories … Read more Four books coming soon

Death of a thousand paper cuts

Two recent articles in the mainstream press are telling us that paper books and physical libraries are dead (Boston Globe and One of the easiest things to forget about the death of the book is for how many years it has been declared. A few quotations from past decades, from authors who were responding … Read more Death of a thousand paper cuts