Category: February 2010

Podcast of Alberta Talk: Disintermediation 2.0

The talk I gave in Alberta on February 5th was recorded. The recording is now on the web in mp3 form. Toni Samek’s introduction feels a bit grand, but the real me will be on the mic shortly. The recording itself came out all right. Not all of the audience questions are audible, but as … Read more Podcast of Alberta Talk: Disintermediation 2.0

Quick note on taxonomic transparency

Notice that I am not using the word “ontology.” I’ll get into why later, but if you’ve read any Heidegger you can guess… Hope Olson, Sandy Berman, and many others who have done work based on theirs, have shown how classification systems tend not to represent all users well. Hope Olson has described the problem … Read more Quick note on taxonomic transparency

Library Student Journal – CFP

LIBRARY STUDENT JOURNAL, ISSN 1931-6100, CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Library Student Journal (LSJ) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. Library Student Journal seeks to publish the best student papers from Library and Information Science (LIS) students worldwide and to serve as a forum for discussion of LIS education and training, career paths and future … Read more Library Student Journal – CFP

Phil Agre found

Phil Agre, the UCLA LIS professor who went missing last year, has been found, though I suppose that from his perspective he was never lost. UCLA police department’s missing person’s bulletin update states, “Philip Agre was located by LA County Sheriff’s Department on January 16, 2010 and is in good health and is self sufficient.” … Read more Phil Agre found